The Small Size league or F180 league as it is otherwise known, is one of the oldest RoboCup Soccer leagues. It focuses on the problem of intelligent multi-robot/agent cooperation and control in a highly dynamic environment with a hybrid centralized/distributed system.

A Small Size robot soccer game takes place between two teams of six robots each. Each robot must conform to the dimensions as specified in the F180 rules: the robot must fit within a 180 mm diameter circle and must be no higher than 15 cm. The robots play soccer with an orange golf ball on a green carpeted field that is 9 m long by 6 m wide.

All objects on the field are tracked by a standardized vision system that processes the data provided by four cameras that are attached to a camera bar located 4 m above the playing surface. The vision system – called SSL-Vision – is an open-source project maintained by the league’s community.

Off-field computers for each team are used for the processing required for coordination and control of the robots. Communications is wireless and uses dedicated commercial radio transmitter/receiver units.

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Ersin AytacLucas CavalcantiCarla Cosenza
Masahide ItoNicolai OmmerShosei Fujita
Toko SugiuraMohammad Mahdi ShiraziTobias Heinekan
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