Symposium Registration

Important information about the registration process, fees, periods, and cancellation policy.


Please direct all general registration questions and inquiries via email to

Please direct any questions regarding the distribution of letters of invitation via email to

1) Overview of the Registration Process

We are using a web-based system, CVENT:

Registor Now

Only qualified teams can register. Please wait until your league qualifies the teams and your team will be available in CVENT. There is a registration code necessary which we will send to the team leaders of the qualified teams.

Registration proceeds separately for each qualified team and for the team leader and team members. When registering a team, you need to include the information for a "point of contact" for the team. Please note, though, that the person serving as point of contact is not registered at that time, but only the team is registered. In addition to registering your team, all team leaders and team members need to register as Faculty/Staff or Student participants.

Registrations are only complete when payment is received. Credit card payments are immediately validated. We strongly recommend payment by credit card.

The other available method of payment takes time. No registration is considered complete until full payment is received.

The participants from the countries requiring visas will need an invitation letter. Also please visit the following website for the latest information on visa applications.

The invitation letter will be sent by email to the participants at our very earliest convenience after the registration is complete. Please wait patiently for the payment to be complete. If you still have questions, please email to

2) Registration as Symposium Only Participant - Fees

It is possible for both faculty and students to register as Symposium Only participants. Invitation letters to Symposium Only participants are issued to those with accepted publications therein, only.

On the registration web site, choose “Symposium Only Faculty/Staff” or ”Symposium Only Student”.

“Symposium Only”
Remote-Only Faculty/Staff
Remote-Only Student

All registered team members are automatically admitted to the Symposium. Team members do not need to register separately for the symposium.

3) Payment Methods

Our registration web site offers the following payment options:

Wire transfer should be used in exceptional cases only, and if credit card payment is not possible. Registration will be considered complete only if the amount due is received in its totality in US dollars in the bank account on or before the respective date (e.g., May 15th, for early registration). It is your responsibility to ensure that this will be the case. In order to help expedite the payment process, we ask that you please send your wire transfer transaction information to Please note that wire transfer payments will be deactivated after June 12, 2022.

4) Visas and Cancellation Policy

Participants from some countries do require a visa for Thailand.
Please check the visa webpage for conditions.

For those who need a visa, here is the policy:

An Invitation Letter will be sent to a team member once the team registration and the team member registration have been completed, i.e., payment has been received. There will be no exceptions.

The following cancellation procedure applies: