Dates & Venue

Competition and Exhibition
13-16 July 2022BITEC Hall EH98-10009.00-20.00 (Free admission)
Symposium17 July 2022BITEC Grand Hall 201-20309.00-17.00 (Registration with fee required)

Visitors will see

Areas of Interest for Exhibition

•Artificial intelligence  •Industrial robots Logistics robots •Personal service robots  •Medical and healthcare robots  •Rescue robots •Construction and inspection robots  •Automation •IoT- and ICT-related technologies  •Camera and image processing technologies •Actuator and related technologies  •Self-driving technologies  •Control and embedded software  •Promising intellectual property and research  Other robot-related technologies, products, and services •Corporations promoting the use of robotics, AI and automation.

Who will visit?

Public visitors with abiding interest