RoboCup 2022

RoboCup ( is an international scientific initiative with the goal of advancing the state of the art of intelligent Robots, AI and Automation. The hosting country of RoboCup rotates around various continents. This year is the turn for Asia and Thailand receives the honor to host the event under the name RoboCup 2022, Bangkok, Thailand at BITEC Hall 98 - 100









Measures to Prevent Risks from COVID-19

What to see in Bangkok?

An increasing of tourists visiting Bangkok each year has proven that Bangkok is always a popular city for tourists. For major tourist attractions in Bangkok, most of them are Historical sites or religious sites such as temples in Bangkok. There is beautiful architecture, wall painting and also important in History. There are also other interesting places such as palaces, museums, parks, as well as various Shopping centres in Bangkok. There are both chilling places or luxury level such as many leading department stores in all areas of Bangkok as well.

Wat Arun (Temple Of Dawn)

Grand Palace


Museum Siam

Siam Paragon

Measures to Prevent Risks from COVID-19