Measures to Prevent Risks from COVID-19

Criteria and measures to prevent risks from Covid-19


Step 1: Temperature screening: Organisers won't not allow entry of attendees who failed temperature screening and have over 37.5?C body temperature.

Step 2: Scan “Thai Chana” App & Platform to check-in & out at exhibition entrances

Prevention and Control

Masks: Compulsory for all attendees and delegates to wear face mask all the time.

Hand Sanitizer: Alcohol hand-sanitisers will be made easily accessible in all common areas.

Social distancing: Visitors should keep distance at least 1 m. apart from each other.

Venue Hygiene

Cleanliness of venue: Frequently clean all areas including toilets at least every 1 hour

Social distancing: Designated by marking spot 1 m. apart for food court, resting area, registration line, etc.

Touch screen: Avoid touch screen technology in public such as kiosk, interactive screen, etc

Parking card: Exhibition venue has cleaning process for parking cars before & after distribution.

Measure to prevent risk from COVID-19 (in full)