RoboCupIndustrial - RoboCup@Work

RoboCup@Work is the newest league in RoboCup, targeting the use of robots in work-related scenarios. RoboCup@Work utilizes proven ideas and concepts from other RoboCup competitions to tackle open research challenges in industrial and service robotics. With the introduction of this league RoboCup opens up to communities researching both classical and innovative robotics scenarios with very high relevance for the robotics industry.

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Executive Committee
  • keyboard_arrow_rightAsadollah Norouzi
  • keyboard_arrow_rightChristoph Steup
Technical Committee
  • keyboard_arrow_rightLeander Bartsch
  • keyboard_arrow_rightMarco Masannek
  • keyboard_arrow_rightLucas Reinhart
  • keyboard_arrow_rightMartin Sereinig
  • keyboard_arrow_rightKenny Voo
Organizing Committee
  • keyboard_arrow_rightFranziska Labitzke
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHauke Petersen
  • keyboard_arrow_rightYusuf Pranggonoh
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSally Zeitler