Satellite Events

Open Humanoid Competition

Since the Humanoid League's first games in 2002, the competitions progressively developed its scientific challenges to successfully meet the goal of RoboCup to play against the human world soccer champion in 2050. Such increasing scientific difficulties have been catching the attention and interest of researchers, but, at the same time, make it prohibitive for new and, in consequence, often less experienced teams to join the Humanoid League. The main difficulties faced by new teams are related both to the cost of taller robots, and the challenges of developing hardware and software for such taller robots. We also expect that such costs for research, components and equipment for one or a full team of humanoid robots may soon become inapproachable for new teams. For these reasons, in this satellite event for the 25th RoboCup International Symposium, we want to focus on addressing the challenges and development of the creation an initial process or a sub-event to the Humanoid League main competition that can ease the path for new teams and to guide them towards a final full participation. To this extent, we will foster discussions between members of different Leagues, trustees, members of the Technical and Organising Committees to tackle some fundamental requirements to facilitate new teams to join the Humanoid League.

More information about this event can be found here.

2022 Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Simulation for Natural Disaster Management

The intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and simulation may contribute to the advance of natural disaster management. AI and simulation models and tools, however, have to embed the required features and capabilities of this domain application in order to support in real-world disaster scenarios. Hence, the collaboration with field experts and policy-makers in the natural disaster domain becomes essential. This workshop aims to build a community of researchers, disaster responders, and policy-makers interested in developing and applying AI and simulation techniques for natural disaster management.

More information about this event can be found here.